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Are there toilets inside the Sanctuary?

There are toilets at the Visitor Centre (just before you enter the Sanctuary) but none in the Sanctuary.

What should I wear on my feet?

If you are only coming in for a couple of hours normal sports shoes will be fine,  plus insect repellent and sunscreen.  If going on a longer hike for several hours over the less travelled paths, sturdy hiking boots are best and we recommend you take extra clothing, food and drink and a personal first aid kit.  There is no or limited cellphone reception in the Sanctuary.

Do I have to wear a high vis vest?

No. People you see in high visibility vests are our volunteers working in the filed, probably pest monitoring or doing maintenance.

How difficult is the walking?

This depends on the track. The Loop and Extended Loop tracks are easy walking with the Loop track being wheelchair/pram accessible.  The harder tracks have some significant slopes to go up and down. The volunteers at the Visitors Centre can advise on the best track for you based on your fitness and time allowance.

Why do I have to pay when I am a ratepayer and the Sanctuary is funded by Nelson City Council?

The Sanctuary is fortunate to receive some funding from our major partners, grants, sponsors, donors and supporters however this is insufficient to cover all operating costs.   The Trust is committed to keeping it affordable for locals to make multiple visits per year.
We recognise that some locals will want to visit frequently so there is a Sanctuary Supporter card for year-round access for individuals and families, plus discounts for students and Community Services Card holders.

What should I do if I see something caught in a trap?

Record trap reference number. Tell sanctuary staff, or inform people manning at the visitor center.

Is the Sanctuary 100% predator free?

No we are not. The sanctuary manages breaches and pest incursions all the time. The important features for meeting biosecurity requirements lies in applying good systems and processes, rapid response times and follow up actions from our teams.

How can I check the current weather conditions in the sanctuary?

Please visit the MetService website here:



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