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We’ve started and we mean to go on …

The fence is built, the volume of pests is taken care of, the flora is regenerating, re-introductions are about to start.

Caring for our environment and restoring its natural biodiversity requires support.

Maintaining a sanctuary of this size (690 hectares) is an ongoing task of some magnitude. We also need to continue developing ways we can share this experience; to identify ways of educating about and interacting with our environment. Annually significant funds are required which we need to raise through much appreciated grants, sponsorships and donations.

There are so many ways you can get involved.

Want to be Hands-on? Volunteer!

Get actively involved in this community project.


Make a Donation

Support our community’s natural biodiversity with a donation of cash or products and services.


Sponsor a Fencepost

A recognition plaque will be added to your fencepost.

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Brook Business Club

Become a business partner with the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary.

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Be a Sanctuary Supporter

Support the Sanctuary by purchasing an Annual Pass.

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Help future generations enjoy native NZ species in Nelson.

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