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Now that the fence is complete and the mammalian predator populations removed, it’s time to start reintroducing endangered or lost native New Zealand species. In April 2021, we successfully completed our very first species reintroduction – we released 40 tīeke (South Island saddleback from Motuara Island in Queen Charlotte Sound) into the Sanctuary (read more about that here). We followed this up with the translocation (Nov. 2021 – Jan. 2023) of 113 kākāriki karaka (orange-fronted parakeet) reared at the Isaac Conservation and Wildlife Trust, Orana Park in Christchurch, and Auckland Zoo. In June 2022 we translocated 30 powelliphanta (large endemic carnivorous land snail) collected in the Roding Water Reserve and the Maitai Valley, Nelson to the Sanctuary, a further 14 snails were translocated to the Sanctuary in September 2022. 

But that’s just the beginning – below is a list of some of the species we hope to welcome back, some quite soon and others in the long-term plan.

  • Kiwi
  • Kākā
  • Tuatara
  • Mohua – yellowhead
  • A freshwater species (to be determined in due course)

Brook Sanctuary wildlife – so many New Zealand native species to see!

Tap or hover over the photo below to reveal Maori, English and the scientific names of Brook Sanctuary wildlife and plant species. How many native New Zealand species can you spot on your visit to the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary? Remember, to look at the small details such as fungi and mosses, small plants, flowers and the fruiting parts of plants and invertebrate creatures.

If you’d learn more about some of the wildlife species living within the Sanctuary, then check out our endemic species information sheets on our education section, click here to view these.

Titipounamu (rifleman); bird; Brook Sanctuary; wildlife
Stick insects: Brook Sanctuary; insect; wildlife
Green Stonefly; wildlife; insect; Brook Sanctuary
Harvestman Spider; spider; insect; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Forsteropsalis inconstans

Glowworms; bush; Brook Sanctuary; wildlife

Arachnocampa luminosa

Leaf Veined Slug; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary
Kawakawa; Brook Sanctuary; wildlife

Piper excelsum

Greenhood orchid; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary; plants

Pterostylis banksii

Nikau palm; Brook Sanctuary; wildlife; plants

Rhopalostylis sapida

Kōtukutuku; tree fuchsia; plants; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Fuchsia excorticata

Kiekie; plants; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Freycinetia banksii

Cave Weta
Red Mistleto; plants; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Peraxilla tetrapetala

Rimu; plants; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Dacrydium cupressinum

Black Mapou; plants; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Pittosporum colensoi

Tui; wildlife; birds; Brook Sanctuary
Riroriro; Grey Warbler; birds; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary
Koura; freshwater crayfish; waterways; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Paranephrops planifrons

Kereru; Wood Pigeon; birds; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary; Brook Business Club Programme
Piwakawaka; birds; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary
Tauhou; Silvereye; Waxeye; birds; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary
Koaro; fish; wildlife; waterways; Brook Sanctuary; whitebait

Galaxias brevipinnis

Get involved; bellbird; business club; Brook Sanctuary; discover; highlights; korimako; wildlife; birds; brook-business-club-programme
Get involved; kakaruai; South Island Robin; wildlife; birds; Brook Sanctuary
Brook Sanctuary; weta; highlights; discover; wildlife; insects

Hemideina crassidens

Miromiro; Tomtit; birds; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary
Nelson Green Gecko; gecko; wildlife; reptiles; Brook Sanctuary

Naultinus stellatus

Huhu beetle; insects; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary

Prionoplus reticularis

Ruru; Morepork; birds; wildlife; Brook Sanctuary


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