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We will be posting podcasts and further information from the FreshFM radio show. As of January 2021, we have our own show on FreshFM, Voices from the Brook, where Kirsten Roedsgaard-Mathiesen, our Visitor Centre and Volunteer Coordinator, presents an interesting array of notable events at the Sanctuary and interviews with people associated with the Sanctuary. These shows run every 2 weeks, on Wednesdays at 9.10am.

Podcast #22 – Wednesday, November 10 Click here This edition gives an update from the AGM in late October focusing on visitor numbers, the budget and the future of the Sanctuary. Meet the Sanctuary educators Rick Field and Shani Bennett and listen to them hosting an enthusiastic school group from Rai Valley.

Podcast #21 – Wednesday, October 27 Click here In this edition Kirsten focuses on some of all the work that is currently happening inside the Sanctuary such as track maintenance and the building of aviaries. Kirsten also talks to our biosecurity ranger Steffi about the predator-free status of the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary.

Podcast #20 – Wednesday, October 13 Click here In this edition Kirsten focuses on some of the 12 volunteer teams that are the life blood of the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary. Without the hard work of our approximately 300 dedicated volunteers – we would not have such a beautiful eco haven in Nelson. Listen to the leaders of the Asset team, the Fence checking team, the Track cutting team and the Planting team talk about their work.

Podcast #19 – Wednesday, September 29 Click here In this episode Kirsten talks to zoologist and sanctuary volunteer Katherine Chamberlain about the bird surveys that are done in the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary. Kirsten also speaks with several other volunteers who explain what they do on Mondays at the Visitor Centre. It is on the back of all the efforts from the many busy and hardworking volunteers that Nelson has such a fabulous sanctuary.

Podcast #18 – Wednesday, September 15 Click here  After a short lockdown break, Kirsten is back with a new edition and talks with employees Olivia Gallagher and Deborah McConochie about their respective roles as the Sanctuary’s events coordinator and business development associate.

Podcast #17 – Wednesday, August 25 – repeat of the show broadcast 30 June

Podcast #16 – Wednesday, August 11 Click here In this edition, Kirsten talks to Sam Stubbs from Simplicity, one of the Sanctuary’s generous sponsors. We also meet a journalist from Woman’s Day magazine who visited the Sanctuary and thoroughly enjoyed it, and then we get a great update from Nick Robson, the Sanctuary’s Operations Manager, about new tracks in the making, more reintroductions etc.

Podcast #15 – Wednesday, July 28 – repeat of the show broadcast 14 April

Podcast #14 – Wednesday, July 14 2021 – repeat of the show from 21 April

Podcast #13 – Wednesday, June 30 2021 Click here In this edition, Kirsten covers the blessing of the Martin Love Oamaru stone sculpture; the sculpture has been in the Sanctuary for a few months now, greeting visitors as they begin, or end, their walks. At the blessing Martin’s friend, carver William Wiringi did the official karakia. Martin’s family was there as were volunteers, staff members and some of our trustees. We also cover the recent Volunteer EXPO where we were successful in attracting new volunteers to some of our many busy teams.

Podcast #12 – Wednesday, June 16 2021 Click here Kirsten has invited Ru Collin and Nick Tilly into the studio at Fresh FM to talk about the Sanctuary’s new GOLD status given by Qualmark. They also talk about other exciting things that have been happening in the Sanctuary lately, ie the introduction of Night Tours. And Nick talks about his multi-facetted role as the Sanctuary’s busy office manager.

Podcast #11 – Wednesday, June 2 2021 Click here Kirsten talks to Sanctuary CE Ru Collin and ecologist Robert Schadewinkel about the Sanctuary’s biosecurity status and all the work needed to keep the Sanctuary predator-free. With a group of staff and volunteers Kirsten did a trial run of the newly introduced Glowworm/Dark Forest Tour and gives listeners an idea of what to expect if joining a tour. Click here for further information on the glowworm tours.

Podcast #10 – Wednesday, May 19 2021 click here Kirsten has invted Chris Hemi and Deryk Mason, the Sanctuary’s two iwi-related trustees, into the studio alongside Chief Executive Ru Collins to discuss the importance of iwi’s involvement in the Sanctuary. We also hear from a number of the students who visited the Sanctuary earlier in May as part of a Student Army working bee weekend in Nelson.

Podcast #9 – Wednesday, May 5 2021 click here Kirsten and others discuss the tīeke (South Island saddleback) species reintroduced to the Sanctuary 19 & 20 April 2021, and interviews Sanctuary visitors on their experience.

Podcast #8 – Wednesday, April 21 2021 click here Kirsten covers the first re-introduction – a main event for the Sanctuary. 37 tīeke (South Island saddleback) were released on April 19. and Kirsten was there following the whole process with local iwi representatives blessing the arrival of the birds, and volunteers and staff taking the birds inside the Sanctuary. A very emotional and memorable day for everyone involved including Mayor Rachel Reese, Councillor Kate Fulton, Sanctuary Chair Chris Hawkes, Sanctuary Chief Executive Ru Collin and many others.

Podcast #7 – Wednesday, April 14 2021 click here Kirsten focuses this edition on the Open Day that took place on April 11 and saw over 1300 visitors through the gate at the Sanctuary. A busy and fun day with workshops, food stalls, live music, guided walks, puppet shows and fun runs. At the end of the podcast, the focus shifts to the day before the Open Day when the emergency team rushed to the top of the Sanctuary to fix a breach in the fence in the pouring rain.

Podcast #6 – Wednesday, March 31 2021 click here Kirsten interviews Hal Martin, the Sanctuary’s Comms. and Marketing coordinator at the time, about the upcoming Open Day and all the activities he has lined up making it a great event for both adults and children. We also learn about mice in the Sanctuary and hear from visitors who enjoyed their guided visit.

Podcast #5 – Wednesday, March 17 2021 click hereKirsten talks to Chief Executive Ru Collin about the current status of the Sanctuary being predator-free and how that is monitored. Recently the Sanctuary had two specialised dogs and their handlers checking the almost 700 hectares for rats. Thankfully, they found none! Kirsten also talks with Ru Collins and Nick Robson about the roles of the key staff members. She has a chat with volunteer Jane Stevens about some of the work she does in the Sanctuary and also two visitors who enjoyed a guided walk.

Podcast #4 – Wednesday, March 3 2021 click here Kirsten talks to Rick Field about his role as an educator, taking school groups through the Sanctuary. We also hear from visitors who did one of the guided walks and from volunteers working hard inside the Sanctuary to help keep it predator-free.

Podcast #3 – Wednesday, 17 February 2021 click here Kirsten continues her series, Voices from the Brook, on FreshFM. This episode features Ru Collin again, talking about mustelids (if you don’t know what these are, then have a listen and find out!) He touches on a number of other Sanctuary related topics. Also included is an interview with dog handler Carey, who has been tasked with a search of the Sanctuary to see if there are any rodents still present. We are pleased to report that none were detected.

Podcast #2 – Wednesday, 3 February 2021  click here New Zealand’s problem with introduced predators and how the Sanctuary operates and educates are discussed by Sanctuary Chief Executive Ru Collin with host Kirsten Roedsgaard on Fresh FM.

Podcast #1 – Wednesday, 20 January click here Kirsten presents her first Voices from the Brook show, with an interview with Sanctuary Chief Executive Ru Collin noting the passing of the late Dave Butler and his role in founding the Sanctuary. Ru and Kirsten discuss our guided walks offering.

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