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The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary Foundation Trust is a philanthropic trust (incorporated in July 2020) acting in the best interests of the Sanctuary with the following advantages:

a) The donor or bequest can invest monies into the BWST knowing that the funds, no matter how big or small, can achieve greater impact than what is possible through personal giving.

b) The ‘foundation’ illustrates clearly to our key partners and supporters, the BWST’s intention to build capital reserves, build contingency and to become more self-sustainable over the longer term.

Please contact us for more information.

The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary Foundation Trust deed highlights:

  • Registered charitable trust
  • Board of three trustees – two Brook Waimārama Sanctuary Trust trustees, one independent
  • Philanthropic arm attracting large donors and bequests
  • Aims to build a large capital fund for long term sustainable funding
  • Pays income to Brook Waimārama Sanctuary Trust
  • Discretion to pay capital to Brook Waimārama Sanctuary Trust
  • Tax free
  • Money can be invested and divested from the Foundation at any time.



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