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Quest for the Kakapo: the full story of New Zealand’s most remarkable bird


By David Butler
Heinemann Reed, a division of Octopus Publishing Group
© 1989
ISBN: 0-7900-0065-2

A timely insight into one of the most extraordinary birds which have ever lived. Once thought to be an evolutionary ‘missing link’ between owls and parrots, the kakapo is fighting a losing battle against the forces of habitat change and predation. Dave’s book links historical knowledge of the kakapo and its ways with more recent studies of the bird’s behaviour and the attempts being made right now to save the species. Many New Zealanders will have heard (courtesy of the National Programme’s morning bird calls) the booming of the male kakapo as he attempts to attract a mate. Few will know that the bird is able to keep up this remarkable serenade for 17 hours, at 1000 booms per hour!

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