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The Black Robin: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Bird


By David Butler & Don Merton
Oxford University Press
© 1992
ISBN: 0-19-558260-8

This book tells the story of the rare Chatham Island black robin. It will inspire all those concerned with the conservation of endangered species and demonstrates that recovery is possible even in the most extreme cases. In fact, the black robin was nearly extinct–reduced to one surviving breeding pair–when the program described here was put into effect. The innovative techniques used by the team responsible for this effort are described in detail and will allow wildlife biologists around the world to adopt similar strategies suited to their own needs. One of the book’s co-authors led the black robin program, and the other was one of the scientists on the team. Written in a lively, nontechnical manner, this book will be of interest to a wide range of conservationists, wildlife biologists, and general readers.

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